Energy-saving environment-friendly access to the future of the new darling

Social development trends and national policies on the development of enterprises plays a very critical and far-reaching impact, and now environmental protection is still the same theme of social development, the state has also increased efforts to rectify the environment. Today, the construction industry has developed into China’s largest energy consumption industry, accounting for 30% of total social energy consumption, with the introduction of a series of standard measures in various industries, low-carbon energy-saving concepts gradually enjoys popular support, how to achieve energy conservation and environmental protection is building materials enterprises Conform to the needs of social development need to think about a major problem, for the industry has occupied half of the doors and windows of the aluminum doors and windows industry is no exception.

Plastic doors and windows in the heat transfer is a bad conductor, the heat transfer coefficient is low, but after the introduction of new energy-saving standards after this product has been difficult to meet the requirements, with raw material prices and operators do not have such problems, Facing a severe test.